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License Information

  1. QueryBob Inc. ("owner") grants you ("licensee") the non-exclusive right to access the web-site www.QueryBob.com ("the site") during your paid license period.
  2. The owner agrees to maintain all information regarding the licensee confidential, including, company name, e-mail addresses, export files, and queries, both stored and executed.
  3. The owner will take all reasonable steps to keep the data updated regularly.
  4. Licensee will not allow any other users to access the site or transfer any information retrieved from the site to any person who is not an employee of the licensee.
  5. The source data is derived from publicly available data offered by USAC, and the owner is not responsible for the accuracy of the information.
  6. The owner limits liability to the licensee to the value of the current license cost.
  7. The owner reserves the right to terminate operations at any time with 30 days notice to the licensee, and in the case of such termination, the unused value of the license will be returned to the licensee.
  8. All software has bugs, and QueryBob is no exception. We work to keep the errors to a minimum, and will attempt to correct any errors that you find.