Our Story

Anyone who has had to look up information from multiple Forms 470 or 471 understands what the problem is: there is useful, time-sensitive data at USAC's Schools and Libraries Division, but the sheer volume of data makes it difficult to find what you need when you need it.

Frustrated by this situation, our founders created QueryBob in 2006 as a tool to pull that data and make it more easily accessible. Since then we have continued to hone, improve and expand the usefulness of QueryBob by carefully integrating basic E-Rate data with all information available at USAC, whether for mining sales leads, tracking FRN status or monitoring clients.


Gary W. Meissner

1/21/1944 - 9/28/2020

Gary Meissner worked many years in Software Design and Educational Technology, where he was a regular user of E-Rate. After leaving the school environment and joining a service provider, Gary felt there must be a better way to access sales leads than searching through numerous spreadsheets.

In 2006, Gary co-founded QueryBob and was a tireless advocate for improving the company's effectiveness and ease of use for all of our clients until his death in 2020. Gary's good humor made him a joy to work with, both for his customers and his co-workers, and he is sorely missed in the QueryBob family!

Harold L. Spencer


Harold Spencer came from a Mainframe Systems and then Web Portals career in the banking industry. In 2006, he joined his friend, Gary, in his pursuit of optimizing sales lead identification for users of the E-Rate program.

After serving as QueryBob's CTO for 16 years, Harold retired from day-to-day operations in January 2022. He continues to serve as QueryBob's Treasurer and valued advisor.

Our Team

Alexis Spencer-Byers

President / Software Development

Mahanaim Hernandez

Software Development

Vishal Khullar

Customer Support

Kat Slonaker