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News Update 3/6/18: — The 471 filing window for FY 2018 closes on March 22, 2018. There are a few 470s still trickling in even though the filing window closed on February 22. As of the close of the window, 26,404 470s had been filed for FY 2018. The start date for FY 2019 has not yet been announced by USAC, but it normally begins around July 1st.

Rural Health Care 461 and 465 applications are now being filed for 2018. If you are interested in seeing only those applications in QueryBob, please select the RHC option in the Applicant Attributes section of the 470 Query.

Award information for FY 2018 is readily available in QueryBob and is being updated daily for clients who are tracking 2018 funding data. This information can be emailed, viewed and/or exported through our query tools and monitoring reports.

Now is a good time to start prospecting for the 2019 E-Rate season by reviewing expiring contracts, pricing, and remaining budgets, or just exploring for new opportunities!

Many new FY 2018 tools, including the Daily FST Export, Entity Dashboard, Remaining Budget Reports, PIA Worksheet, and FRN Participants Report, will save you time in reviewing your E-Rate data. If you would like to see these new tools in action, please contact

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QueryBob is an E-Rate data service company keyed on the USAC Schools and Libraries Program that provides instant access to E-Rate data for technology Service Providers, E-Rate Consultants, and State E-Rate Coordinators. Our databases contain a wealth of current information for the form 470 filings for sending sales leads, form 471 for tracking of funding statuses to manage E-Rate awards, form 468 for starting services and other historical information for analysis and prospecting. Our customers tell us that our service and support always exceed their expectations!
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